Clearing the Spiritual Energies Underlying Depression (5 Audio Recordings)

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Clearing the Spiritual Energies Underlying Depression (5 Audio Recordings)


This product is 5 total audio files, and will be emailed to you in mp3 format (zipped together) for instantaneous download upon purchase.

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There can be many spiritual issues surrounding the condition we know as "depression".

Spiritually speaking, much depression is the result of entity possession, and uncleared karmic energies affecting the brain, heart, and general consciousness.

In this series of 5 clearings, we dive in deep to clear these major issues, and clear as many of them as are possible to clear for you when you listen.

Here are the 5 topics we work with in this 5-part audio download program:

Clearing 1: Clearing entity possession and “extra souls” (2 of the main spiritual components of depression) (53 minutes)
Clearing 2: Clearing imprints of brain damage and past-life brain damage trauma (37 minutes)
Clearing 3: Clearing self-criticism, self-blame, and self-constriction for perceived faults and mistakes (32 minutes)
Clearing 4: Clearing stuck anger energies towards self, God, and others (46 minutes)
Clearing 5: Clearing potential accidents, injuries, accidental death, and terminal illness (36 minutes)

For maximum benefit, this product is best combined with individual clearing sessions over the course of time.  There can be many spiritual layers to these issues.

Also, please note that this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition.  I highly recommend seeking the qualified, licensed professional advice of your healthcare practitioner before, during, and after the using of this audio product.