Clearing Trauma Energy (6.5 hours of clearing)

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Clearing Trauma Energy (6.5 hours of clearing)

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This product is a series of 7 digital audio downloads, and will be delivered to you zipped in mp3 format by email immediately upon purchase.

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Are There Traumas You're Still Carrying from Your Past Lives?

Ideally, when we have a painful experience, we let the situation enter our experience, then let it leave with ease, without judgment, and blessings the circumstance as a learning experience.

This can be much more difficult to do if the situation is a "trauma", which, spiritually-speaking, is a highly negatively-charged painful experience. Whenever we experience a painful situation, some amount of the situation can stay with us if we are not ready to deal with it and let it go in the moment.

After the initial brunt of the situation is over, it can be difficult for us to want to consciously bring up the buried energies we've recorded from the original event.  But the energies are still there, limiting our freedom in life now.

Thankfully, Spirit can look into our soul records and discern which traumas are ready for clearing.  Then, Spirit can clear them for us.  We don't necessarily have to bring the painful memories to the surface.  Spirit can simply clear them from our soul records.

This group of 7 clearings was originally recorded in the month of October 2015. Spirit guided me to take 7 specific aspects of trauma energy and do clearings on each of them.

The  7 clearings contained within this audio product are:

  • Clearing the Trauma of Incarnating (65 minutes)

  • Clearing Past-Life Trauma (71 minutes)

  • Clearing Sexual Trauma (45 minutes)

  • Clearing Religious Trauma (55 minutes)

  • Clearing Suicidal Ideation (74 minutes)

  • Clearing Inherited Family-Lineage Trauma (35 minutes)

  • Rebalancing the Nervous System (41 minutes)

Blessings and Love,
---Michael David Golzmane