Full Moon Clearing on "the fear of death" and healing the belief in lack and limitation

pink moon april 2017.jpg
pink moon april 2017.jpg

Full Moon Clearing on "the fear of death" and healing the belief in lack and limitation


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There is such a great love for you in this Universe.

It is the energy of the very Presence that you are, wanting to be freed to live your life as peace, joy, abundance, loving relationships, and the deep fulfillment of your purpose.

I want to encourage you to download this full moon clearing, originally recorded during the pink full moon of April 2017, but completely energetically active for you no matter when you experience it.

This full moon kicked up a ton of old stuff for people, and this was an important time to release that which is no longer serving our highest good.

The topic I felt Spirit focus into me for this clearing is "clearing the fear of death", but there is so much more to this clearing and topic than what appears on the surface.

All of our seeming problems in life come from a lack of insight we have about the Truth of Who We Are.  What we are is the Timeless, the Eternal, the always-available Presence of Good.

Fear of death is the fear of shortages, the energy of lack and limitation, the lack of trust of Spirit as our own Life.  It is the root problem underneath all other seeming problems we have.

In fact, the fear of death is really a fear of life.  It's an ego fear.  "Who will I be if I truly wake up from my fear and limitation?"  The old limitations actually need to die in order for us to be reborn into our greatest yet to be.

It's time to wake up, and get this clearing done for you and your friends and family.

Whatever you're going through, however you're in suffering and pain right now, take advantage of this prime energetic opportunity this month to get yourself cleared.

You cannot be free until you truly feel free, and the only way to truly feel free is to experience the sweet release Spirit wants to bring you.

Don't miss out on this clearing.