Monday, September 24: Essential Clearing to get unstuck —
Liberate your ancestors going back 35 generations, and free your life from inherited limitations, family curses, and blocks to success.

Monday, Sept 24: Essential Ancestral Karma Clearing to get Unstuck
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There is a 2 week period every year, typically between the full moon in September and the new moon in October, that is considered the ultimate critical period for doing ancestral karma clearing work.

It is called Mahalaya, and it is said that even the yogis wait for this period to do this deep ancestral work each year.

You see, you not only inherit your physical genetics from your ancestors, but there is a type of soul genetics that you also inherit.

You inherit your ancestors' limitations, and their energy often continues to restrict you even if you try to change your life for the better.

That is why it is so critical to do sacred clearing work sincerely and regularly, during auspicious times, to help liberate the souls of your ancestors.

This is about helping their soul journey, but it's also about freeing you and your children from karma.  It is said that when you do this work sincerely and regularly, every area of your life can change for the better: health, finance, career, and relationships.

There are 2 types of karma that are important to clear during this time: the karma that blocks the liberation of your ancestors, and the karma that blocks you from receiving their blessings.

During this clearing, Spirit has guided me to work with 35 generations of your ancestors.  We are going to call them in, do clearing work with them and with you, then work to identify and clear all sorts of limitation karma, family curses, and blocks to success.

If you are feeling stuck, start with this clearing.

Part 2 of this clearing is happening 2 weeks later, at the completion of this Mahalaya period, on the October 8 new moon.

Sunday, November 4: Release & Resolve Health Karma on the Birthday of the "Physician of the gods"

Sunday, Nov 4: Release & Resolve Health Karma on the Birthday of the "Physician of the gods"
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Once per year, a very specific special window opens in which a greater connection to the energy that preserves, sustains, and heals physical life becomes elevated and highly available for connection.

In India, this Divine Energy of sustained healing is referred to as the archetype known as Dhanvantari.

Dhanvantari is the god of medicine, the “Physician to the gods”, and is the mythical founder of the science of Ayurveda.

His birthday is celebrated each year on this exact timing, and his energy becomes more highly available to help you with health challenges during this time.

Blocks to health always emerge first as blocks in consciousness, and so this clearing is going to be focused on resolving your health karma, and plugging you into the auspicious healing energy of the Physician of the gods.

This clearing is also good for people who want to activate good health karma within themselves and their families, and who wish to prevent health challenges in the future.


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This type of deep karmic clearing work is progressive, and unfolds gradually over time as your soul continues to bring up old programming into the present for resolution.  So it is very important to keep doing this work regularly in order to keep resolving past-life energy as it arises, and to resolve new karma you may accidentally create in the present.

Remember, you are not just doing this work in order to fix a current problem -- you are doing it in order to be totally spiritual free.  And you can only achieve that by resolving all your karma.

In order to encourage you to keep doing this work, I have created a discounted subscription program.  You can include just yourself in all future group clearings (typically 2 per month), or you can include yourself and up to 4 additional members of your family in all upcoming clearings.

Your family members do not have to be consciously aware this work is happening.  This work will not be forced upon them in any way, but will be offered to their Higher Self much in the same way prayers can be offered to others without having to have their conscious permission.

This monthly program is the best way for you and your family to stay connect to this work and to gradually resolve all of your past karma.

Once you sign up, I will send you a confirmation email, then will automatically include you in all group clearings, emailing you the recordings within 24 hours after each one is completed.

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My Monthly Group Clearing Program

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Welcome to my group clearing page, where each month I offer opportunities for you & your family to progressively release & resolve limiting subconscious blocks from this and past lives, so you can experience more of the flow of living in co-creative freedom with Spirit.

We each have had thousands of past lives where we have accumulated limiting soul programs. Those programs come to the surface regularly as limitations & challenges of all kinds.

Regular karma clearing work is essential for your growth, evolution, & freedom.

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