Welcome, new friend!  I want to connect with you a bit more before we work together...

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My form of spiritual clearing work is not an approach that can be objectively proven or guaranteed to work.  Anyone approaching this work has to authentically ready to make an inner shift in order to experience results.

It's my intention through the creation of this page (and the form you will fill out below) to get a better sense of where you are at in your journey, and to see if I sense my work would be of benefit for you.

I do not "fix problems" in my work.  My starting point in spiritual clearing work is the knowing that problems do not exist independent of us -- our belief systems, our perceptions, and our unresolved issues in the subconscious.

I look at the challenges you are experiencing in life as a product of your own consciousness -- not a punishment for anything, but simply an often unintentional outcome of energy being held in your subconscious from previous times.  By "consciousness", I mean what we are currently thinking and feeling, in addition to the accumulated unresolved energy from our soul's infinite history.

The success of this work largely depends on how ready, open, and receptive you are to truly allow it to transform your consciousness.

My work does not fix problems that seem to be happening "to you".  It is my deep inner knowing and experience, after performing thousands of clearings over the years, that all healing has to start with an inner shift in awareness.

If you are open, receptive, & ready to authentically engage with your inner being, I can work with the power of your own Higher Intelligence to be able to resolve old limiting beliefs, patterns, and karmic programs that may be keeping your results limited in life.

By "limited results", I mean dis-ease, emotional/mental discord, problematic relationships, limitations in manifesting money and opportunities, feeling generally stuck and blocked, etc.

This type of clearing work helps you to be able to gradually access higher states of consciousness within yourself -- forgiveness, unconditional love, prosperity, healing, and joy -- and to resolve limited states of consciousness -- fear, anxiety, blame, anger, limitation, & shame.

As you experience these higher states more often, your results begin to mirror these inner states as greater freedom to be your authentic Self, abundance, health & wholeness, relationship healing, and a growing passion for your life purpose.  You begin to feel free, to feel joyful about life, to feel like you're on purpose.

I ask you, as you fill out this form below, to take some deep breaths and go into your inner heartspace.  Know that the answers you are looking for are already inside of you.  I am truly looking to be able to help you, and I want to hear where you're authentically coming from.

Important: Please do not fill out and submit the form below until you have at least viewed a few of my videos, and gotten a sense of my work.  The best way I will be able to communicate the benefits of this work is through your experiences of it.  Please click here to view a recommended first video.

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How would you rate your current level of self-awareness?
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