Building Up Fundamental Life-Force Energy with the Power of Spirit


Building Up Fundamental Life-Force Energy with the Power of Spirit


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When people refer to "energy" in their lives, they may mean strictly physical energy for getting through their day.

But the definition of lifeforce energy is larger than just the physical.  It is an availability of energy for physical as well as mental, emotional, and spiritual movement.

Life-force energy is fundamentally the energy of Spirit.  It is Reiki.  It is God.  It is also the true energy of your entire being--physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

This energy can get depleted and blocked for various reasons, and needs to continuously be attended to for health, vitality, longevity, optimism, and the joy of being.

There are many methods of cultivating this energy.  Yoga, qi gong, deep breathing, and tonic herbalism are some methods.

However, we can also call forth greater amounts of energy by asking Spirit to bathe us continually in these high vibrations.

In this 70 minute clearing-healing session, we will clear blocks, and we will also be working with various energetic streams of lifeforce energy that, through the power of Spirit, we will infuse into your being, to help you build-up and cultivate more positive lifeforce energy to support your body, mind, and spirit.