Clearing & Resolving the Soul's Need to Continue to Have Physical Health Challenges


Clearing & Resolving the Soul's Need to Continue to Have Physical Health Challenges


This is a digital mp3 audio download, originally recorded as a group clearing event.  It is still just as potent today.

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Looked at spiritually, the one reason any of us have physical health challenges is because some part of our soul believes we need them for some purpose of growth, learning, and evolution.

Remember that there is no such thing as accidents; we are not the victims of anything outside of ourselves; and there is nothing random happening to us.  Everything is happening according to the evolution of consciousness that is personified as our life now.

This is good news!  It means that everything has a knowable cause in spirit, and because we are infinite beings, we can eventually resolve the cause of any limiting condition in our life!

It also means that there is a soul evolutionary purpose to whatever condition you are experiencing, and once the soul resolves its need to evolve through the condition itself (by doing clearing work like we're going to do here), the condition can be more easily released.

With any condition in life, we can either live through the continued experience of it, trying to work through the causative issues that way, or we can work with our Higher Intelligence to clear and resolve the underlying reasons why the condition is there in the first place.

In this group clearing, happening on the November full moon, we are going to investigate, clear, and resolve as much of the limiting karmic patterning within each of our beings that may be contributing to health issues (or potential health issues) now.