Clearing The Past-Life Spiritual Roots of Cancer (9 audio recording downloads)


Clearing The Past-Life Spiritual Roots of Cancer (9 audio recording downloads)

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This writing is not intended to be medical advice, or to cure any illness.  It is purely spiritual advice, coming from Michael Golzmane, a minister of the Universal Life Church.  I highly recommend seeking out qualified, licensed healthcare for any medical needs.

That being said, all dis-ease conditions have their origins in the non-physical world.

What I have found in my spiritual research is that all dis-ease conditions originate from "held" energy in the emotional body.  When that energy doesn't get released and resolved, it gets repressed and eventually densifies into physical dis-ease.


Now, this description doesn't many any sense if we think of our origin as our physical birth in this lifetime.  However, all of us have had hundreds of thousands of lifetimes in which we have accumulated a tremendous amount of unresolved energy.  This energy comes from our judgments of God as being unloving, our self-condemnation, our belief that life hates us, and our perception that the world is not a friendly or abundant place.

Spirit tells me that, for those currently incarnated on planet Earth, between 62% and 95% of the causative energy of cancer for each individual person is from unresolved energies carried over from past lives.  These are high numbers!  But they are also good numbers, because they mean that there's a tremendous amount that karmic clearing work can do in addition to appropriate medical treatment to clear the karmic origins and expression of cancer conditions.


They are the logical out-picturing of the limiting energies that have gone into their creation.  You might say:  well, I have this particular condition because it's in my genes, or because I was exposed to certain toxins, or because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  These may be the apparent, physical causes, and yes, you do need to deal with them on that level as well, but ultimately, all causation is in the non-physical.

Why did you choose a certain family genetics (we always choose our parents)? Because you wanted to work with that energetic potential to heal it in yourself (and for them).
Why did you choose to live in a certain place at a certain time, or to be exposed to certain substances, or to be unaware of certain healing truths until now?  Because this was all appropriate for the evolution of your soul.

Spirit indicates that the major spiritual causes of cancer are

  • self-hatred
  • hatred of life
  • unresolved hatred of others
  • hatred of God
  • past-life torture
  • unresolved trauma
  • unresolved anger.

These are all very "hot" emotions.  When we experience them--but don't express or resolve them--they embed deeper into the psyche.  When we don't resolve them in a particular lifetime, they become part of the larger soul "story", and can eventually manifest into physical illness.

Doing this kind of clearing work doesn't absolve us from having to take care of ourselves, and to make conscious choices emotionally and physically that will empower us and that strengthen our bodies and minds.  But as we clear the underlying karmic energies, it makes it easier for our bodies to respond with healing, rather than with the production of dis-ease.

Join us for all 9 group clearings to help clear the underlying spiritual issues around cancer.  Even if you don't have a physical expression of cancer, if you have any karmic potential for the condition, this work will be preventative.

Of course, this work is purely spiritual in nature, and cannot guarantee a particular outcome for you.