Clearing the Spiritual Roots of Auto-Immune Conditions (5 Recordings)

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Clearing the Spiritual Roots of Auto-Immune Conditions (5 Recordings)


This product is a zip file containing 5 mp3 files or 30 to 80 minutes in length each, and will be delivered to you via email immediately upon purchase.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical condition. It is recommended you continue to work with your licensed healthcare practitioner.

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Spirit has revealed to many of us in the clearing community that much of the spiritual origin of auto-immune conditions in the body are unresolved self-destructive energies from past lives.


Spiritually, auto-immune conditions are about the body attacking itself.  There are always spiritual reasons why this is happening, and most of them originated in any number of thousands of past lives that we have all had.

The spiritual reasons for our current-life auto-immune conditions include past-life health abuse, hatred of self, hatred of life, self-destruction, self-punishment, and past-life suicide, past-life torture, and death by burning at the stake.

Spiritual guidance indicates that over 80% of lupus and rheumatism is caused by energy carried over from past lives.  Other auto-immune conditions have similar high past-life percentages.

All auto-immune conditions have past-life components, and all of these past-life energies can be easily cleared by the power of Spirit.

This downloadable product contains 5 audio files of 30 to 80 minutes in length which will help clear the karmic energies underlying any auto-immune conditions.