Grounding & Bedtime Strategies for Lightworkers

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Grounding & Bedtime Strategies for Lightworkers

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Even though connecting with angels and spiritual energies can be highly beneficial, as we open to and connect with this energy more and more, we can tend to become more and more ungrounded.  This can negatively affect our earthplane life, and even our abilities to sleep well.

So I asked Spirit to help me, and I derived a 2-page protocol of suggestions for evening grounding and balancing.  This entire process includes:

  • suggestions "if you've been doing a lot of spiritual/energy work that day"

  • a balancing and clearing protocol

  • a healing-repairing-infusing process

  • a grounding/protection process

  • and some spiritual sleep aids and invocations.

This work has been channeled and compiled by me, and also from the work of Joshua David Stone and Diane Stein.

When you purchase this product, you will get a 48-minute mp3 audio explanation and guided meditation where I lead you through this process.  You will also get a 2-page pdf handout that you can print and read within a few minutes each night before bed, or at the end of an energetically-intense day.

You can use this process whenever you need it.