"Is Your Soul Allowing You To Heal?" -- All 7 Recordings in the Series (6 Hours of Audio Clearings)


"Is Your Soul Allowing You To Heal?" -- All 7 Recordings in the Series (6 Hours of Audio Clearings)

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This product is actually 7 mp3 audio files.  They will all be sent to you and immediately available for download upon purchase. 

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Dear One,

Is your soul allowing you to heal?

No matter what we’re trying to manifest in life--better health, closer connection to Spirit, more money, better use of our unique gifts, relationship healing or attraction--our souls have to actually allow these things to enter into our life experience.

But you might ask “Michael, I thought our souls are the perfected, spiritual aspects of our being. How could our souls somehow not permit the healings or manifestations we’re wanting?”

From my perspective, the soul may be seen, yes, as the perfected spiritual “body” that exists as a higher dimension than just our physical bodies.  But just as our physical bodies, which are created in perfection, can get sick, so can our souls.  Our souls can become burdened with unprocessed old emotions, unhealed karmic patterns, and other limiting factors.

At that point, it’s not so much that our souls don’t want to heal, as it is that our souls may not be able to generate the spiritual energy needed for our healing.  The heavy burdens our souls carry limit our souls’ abilities to move freely and quickly into healing and positive manifestation.

By working consciously and specifically with releasing the restrictions and burdens our souls are carrying that limit our ability to manifest and heal more quickly, it can seem like, all of a sudden, the spiritual work we may have been doing for years starts to pay off.  Manifestation moves faster. Healings move faster.  It’s a like a lightbulb has just switched itself on.

This product contains 7 audio recordings, totaling more than 6 hours of audio clearing work.

All 7 clearing I am offering are centered around getting your soul (and other non-physical aspects of your being) to be ready, willing, and able to allow healing and manifestation of whatever good you are seeking in life.

Here are the 7 tracks included in this downloadable product:

  1. Is your soul willing to heal, clear, and manifest your good? (1 hour, 23 minutes)
  2. Is your soul ready to heal, clear, and manifest your good? (48 minutes)
  3. Does your soul have the ability to support your clearing/healing process? (48 minutes)
  4. Is there a reason why my soul isn't healing? (54 minutes)
  5. Are your guardian angels limiting your ability to heal? (31 minutes)
  6. Has your soul, body, or mind "given up" on you? (1 hour, 9 minutes)
  7. Reprogramming the conscious mind so you can attract your healing (24 minutes)

Ideally, these tracks should be listened to in the above order.

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