Resolve the Toughest Ancestral Health Karma Caused by Saturn, the Toughest Karmic Planet

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Resolve the Toughest Ancestral Health Karma Caused by Saturn, the Toughest Karmic Planet


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Resolve the Toughest Ancestral Health Karma Caused by Saturn, the Toughest Karmic Planet

This clearing was originally recorded on the new moon eclipse, the first Saturday in 2019. This was a potent date for dealing with the deepest ancestral health karma.

Several powerful and important alignments are coming into play on this new moon date. First, the planet of health (the Sun) and the planet of deep karma (Saturn) are together during early January in the sign of Sagittarius. In astrology, this configuration means that the energetic potential of recovery from health conditions is made stronger.

Being a new moon, this date is also an ideal time for dealing with ancestral and inherited karma, as this time of the month is the easiest time to access our ancestors' vibrations. The ancestors are closest to our Earth vibration at this time.

Thirdly, Saturday is the most potent day of the week to access the energy of Saturn.

Saturn is the most feared and dreaded of all the planets, because his energy forces us to slow down and face the parts of ourselves that we would rather not face.

The ultimate purpose of the karmic energy represented by Saturn is to eradicate our limited sense of self, so that our soul can truly shine. And yet, the the process of awakening in this way can be very painful -- literally.

The "parts we would rather not face" can in fact be coded into a past, present, or potential dis-ease process. When we face these areas authentically -- and a clearing like this can really help with this process -- we can make exponential progress, not only towards healing a health condition (or preventing one), but in all the major areas our soul is working on.

And yes, dis-ease -- especially chronic or so-called "incurable -- can be brought about due to the pressing inner teachings of Saturn.

And remember, your patterns for health as well as dis-ease are also brought to you in part through your inherited karma, the karma of your ancestors. What they were unable to resolve, they passed down to you to work through now.

My guidance tells me that on Saturday, we will be working with 31 generations of your ancestors, to help heal and liberate them, and to help them release the pressing health karma that is working against you now.

Remember, dis-ease is not a punishment -- it is a learning experience. But wouldn't we like to make the process of learning easier? This is what we will do in this clearing.

During this clearing, I will be unveiling some powerful new clearing technologies for dealing with Saturn karma, and using these tools to help you.