Spiritually Clear, Heal, & Open Your Nervous System & Spine


Spiritually Clear, Heal, & Open Your Nervous System & Spine


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This is a 3-hour long, multi-part audio product.

Our nervous system provides the interface and connecting point between our physical and spiritual realities.  When our nervous system is open, flowing, and clear, we are able to experience the Divine Energy that has always been present for healing, for attracting abundance, and for fulfilling our unique purpose.

The nervous system includes our brain, spine, and all the special electrical channels that extend throughout the body. It is responsible for maintaining balance, harmony, and flow through all our tissues, organs, glands, and yes, to our chakras, which are our spiritual connection centers.

Blockages in the spine and nervous system can lead to limited powers to manifest, lack of spiritual connection, and an overall lack of feeling at peace, feeling joyful, or like you're centered in your life purpose.

Because our nerves are so closely connected to the unseen world of Spirit, we can easily work with the healing angels and ascended masters to help spiritually heal, open, and balance them.

Healing The Nervous System Track 1 (73 minutes):
Focuses on clearing, healing, and opening the spiritual energy flow of each vertebrae and the 31 nerve channels extending from your spinal column. This is a good track to listen to repeatedly if you've been experiencing discomfort in the spine and nervous system.

Healing The Nervous System Track 2 (65 minutes):
Focuses on spiritually healing the parasympathetic, sympathetic, and enteric parts of the nervous system. We work with the angels to bring about healing and clearing of the cranial nerves, normalizing the fight of flight stress response, and healing the "second brain" of the gut.

Healing The Nervous System Track 3 (60 minutes):
"Undoing Karmic Dis-ease Processes: Preparing Your Nervous System for Greater Integration and Downloading of Ascension Frequencies". We go deeper into the awakening of your lightbody, opening the connection between your physical body and your spiritual bodies, and helping your soul to have greater clarity of communication with your body and mind.

"Hi Michael, I just listened to the second session. Wow! Another fabulous session with the Miraculous Angels and Guides.... My body unconsciously shook and released something at one point and I could feel the angels working in my abdominal area with tingling and air pressure changes...I know they are continuing to heal and transform my abdomen now.... I feel more open and bright inside and out and my brain more alert.... just amazing how when we ask for healing, we receive it immediately... As much as I do this work.... I'm still blown away by the Miracles that take place with the Angels.  Thank you Angels, I just love you...."

--Carol Hunt, founder AccesstoAngels.com