Debt Karma Clearing combined with "Vishnupati" Stabilization of Wealth & Business Group Clearing Recording

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Debt Karma Clearing combined with "Vishnupati" Stabilization of Wealth & Business Group Clearing Recording


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Thursday, August 16:  Debt Karma Clearing combined with "Stabilization of Wealth" & Business Clearing

Once every 3 months, a potent 12-hour window of auspicious energy opens that allow for prayers, intentions, and clearing work done during that time to have greater effect, specifically in the areas of wealth and business.

This specific timing is referred to in India as "Vishnupati", and it symbolizes the consciousness of Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) and her husband Vishnu (the Preserver God) attuning individuals into the energy of stabilization of wealth, preserved wealth, and continued wealth.

This timing is aligned with the Sun's entry into a "fixed" sign, in this case Leo.  Yes, in the West, we believe we are already in the time of Leo, and yet the Vedic calendar of India (which is more aligned with current astronomy) indicates that Thursday evening at about 9:36pm New York Time, this energetic opportunity window will be opened for about 12 hours.

Whenever this window is opened, every 3 months, I also perform thorough business and right livelihood clearings, so that any obstacles we are encountering to new business, business creation, relationships to customers, potential problems we might have in the future -- that we can work with this window of Divine Grace to resolve and clear all of this so our natural states of greater sustained prosperity through right work can emerge.

Anyone who signs up for this clearing will also be included in a shorter clearing I will perform a few hours earlier Thursday afternoon, which is the ideal time this month to do debt karma clearing work.  What a perfect day to cut the roots of karma that can result in debts of all kinds, and then to activate into the energy of sustained prosperity.

Each one of these Vishnupati events (every 3 months) is completely unique astrologically, and so every one of them you can observe throughout your life will help you to become even more well-rounded and resolved karmically.  Each one progressively clears your karma in a unique way, so they are all important to consciously observe in some way.

If you feel drawn to this special timing, anytime after 9:36pm Thursday evening (New York Time), I encourage you to enter into prayer, chanting, sacred ceremony, affirmation, or whatever calls to you to align yourself to this energy.

If you would like to have me hold the space of clearing and activation for you (and for your family), please consider signing up to be included in the clearing I will be facilitating.

There is nothing more you need to do other than sign up.  Your receipt is your confirmation that you are signed up.  No phone numbers to call.  Everything is done remotely, recorded, then emailed to you generally within 24 hours.