90-minute Affirmations Clearing


90-minute Affirmations Clearing


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Affirmations can be great.  But only at most 1% of our total consciousness is made up of our conscious mind.  The rest is subconscious.  Our subconscious mind can completely contract the affirmations we want to believe, making repeating affirmations potentially create more harm than good.

In this group clearing, created originally for about 164 people in November 2015, we worked with Spirit to help search and clear all the contradictory energies, thoughts, beliefs, programs, and judgments our subconscious minds held on the following 5 affirmations:

These affirmations come from the Unity Church's November/December 2015 publication called Daily Word. (More information about this wonderful publication can be found at dailyword.com)

When the subconscious mind is able to clear its disagreement, resistance, and contradiction to affirmations that we want to accept and believe, our total consciousness can be free to embrace the new reality with joy and ease.

No matter when you come across this recording, it will clear you just as if you had joined the original group.

I invite you to enter into this powerful 90-minute clearing process.  This recording makes a great introduction to my overall clearing work, and will bless you with the gift of an uplifted consciousness.

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