Opening the 12 Gates of Prosperity Flow (4 hours of audio recordings)


Opening the 12 Gates of Prosperity Flow (4 hours of audio recordings)


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The numerology of "12" is very well-established in spiritual and religious literature.  In the Judeo-Christian tradition, the energy of 12 access points to spiritual consciousness is referred to as the "12 gates to Jerusalem".  In the writings of Charles Fillmore, we have the "12 Powers in Man".  And in the writing of Alice Bailey and Joshua David Stone, this number is used to refer to the "12 Planetary Rays" of energy.

In this series of 6 audio recordings, we work with the power of angels, ascended masters, and high-level spiritual frequencies to open these 12 "gates" of energies in your physical and spiritual bodies, and to draw into each the energy of the 12 planetary Rays. These records are intended to help us align with the prosperity energies of the heavens, while getting more and more deeply anchored with the energies of Earth.

These gates are access points where spiritual energy can reach you--when they are open and flowing.  These gates correspond to certain locations within the body, such as the kidneys, thymus, throat, shoulders, throat area, and root chakra.

During this 4-hour series of audio recordings, we are going to clear and open these 12 prosperity gates, and work with 12 Divine frequencies that were originally identified by 20th-century spiritual teachers Alice Bailey and Joshua David Stone.

These 12 gates will be activated and cleared with the following 12 energies:

  1. Ray 1: red, power ... the energy of Master El Morya
  2. Ray 2: blue, love-wisdom ... the energy of Master Djwhal Khul
  3. Ray 3: yellow, active intelligence ... the energy of Paul the Venetian
  4. Ray 4: green, harmony-beauty ...  the energy of Master Serapis Bey
  5. Ray 5: orange, new age science and knowledge ... the energy of Hilarion
  6. Ray 6: indigo, devotion ... the energy of the Master Jesus
  7. Ray 7: the energy of freedom, alchemy, transmutation, and ceremonial magic ... the master St. Germain
  8. Ray 8: sea-foam green ... the energy of higher cleansing
  9. Ray 9: bluish-green luminosity ... the energy of Joy
  10. Ray 10: pearlescent colored luminosity ... allows all the changes a person has been seeking to bring fully within themselves
  11. Ray 11: orange-pink luminosity ... bridging the New Age and helps one to be in touch with the Divine Love/Wisdom
  12. Ray 12: Golden Ray and the anchoring of the Christ Consciousness ... the Great Central Sun ...  Golden Luminosity