Raising your Level of Prosperity Consciousness from struggle (below 200) to ease (over 200)


Raising your Level of Prosperity Consciousness from struggle (below 200) to ease (over 200)


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Prosperity Consciousness is an attitude of positive expectation, of feeling all your needs met even before they come into physical manifestation, and about coming into an internal knowing and realization of what you are wanting to show up externally.

Money manifests into physical expression through the openness & clarity of our consciousness, especially when we are internally coherent with, aligned with, and expressing our unique soul gifts.

Our level of prosperity consciousness is a measure of how easy or hard it is for us to manifest money through our consciousness.

When our level is low (below 200 on the scales of consciousness as described by David Hawkins), making money feels like a struggle, and we feel like we are always victims of other people and circumstances.

When our level of prosperity consciousness rises to 200 and above:

  • we begin to experience empowerment to bring our inner goals into manifestation
  • we feel more in the flow
  • we can relax and do the service work we showed up on the planet to do because we're more connected to our inner purpose
  • we can more easily embrace our power to bring forth the resources we need and desire.

Warning: Remember that just doing a clearing like this won't necessarily mean more money will automatically show up. This clearing will help clear your container of limiting past energies, and will lift your prosperity consciousness higher, even if just for a few minutes as the clearing takes place. How and if you manifest money from that place will depend greatly on the new beliefs you create and how you practice prosperity on a daily basis.  It will also depend on how aligned you are with taking positive action in service to others in alignment with your unique gifts.