Rare Astrological Timing to Clear your Life of Negative Debt Karma (Runa Vimochana, August 2019)

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Rare Astrological Timing to Clear your Life of Negative Debt Karma (Runa Vimochana, August 2019)


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Rare Astrological Timing to Clear your Life of Negative Debt Karma

Karma clearing work done at this precise time -- called "Runa Vimochana", literally meanings "to be free from debt" -- helps invoke grace to clear your life of negative debt karma

Until you change your consciousness, your circumstances cannot change.

You could say that all karma is a form of debt, and all debt is a form of karma.

Most people think of financial debt when they hear the word debt. And of course, this is part of it. But financial debt is spiritual in causation -- it is created in consciousness, by you, your ancestors, and in your past lives.

It's created by your unfinished business -- financial and otherwise -- to yourself, to Spirit, to others, to Nature and the use of the earthplane. It's created by your lack of alignment with the Principles of Spirit.

So debt clearing is really for everyone, because all of us can stand to become more aligned with the Truth of Spirit, which is all healing, prosperity, joy, fulfillment, love, service, and success in life.

All debts must be eventually rebalanced and resolved. It is part of the ascension journey of us all to rebalance, clear, and resolve our debt karma.

It may be difficult to do that, at least in the short-term, by simply focusing on the physical expression of the debt. Many people are overwhelmed especially by the financial experience of debt.

That is why I am doing this clearing.

The technologies the ancient yogis developed, combined with modern spiritual clearing work I have learned and developed, all performed during rare astrological alignments that support specific debt-clearing work, can help you resolve the consciousness that created your debts, and can help you clear them in the physical and spiritual worlds.

When you clear your debt karma, your energy gets freed up to solve your problems. You are more available to instantly attract benevolent inner and outer resources to achieve your goals. When your inner energy is more clear, you become automatically more receptive to Divine Help. Every person, institution, and situation in life can become more benevolent to you.

At exactly 6:30pm on Tuesday evening, August 27, we will enter a rare debt-clearing astrological timing known as "Runa Vimochana". "Runa" means "debt" in Sanskrit, and "Vimochana" means "to free from". These optimum debt-clearing timings only happen a few times per year, and so I am taking advantage of this specific August timing to do clearing work on your behalf.

Performing appropriate spiritual clearing technologies at this exact timing can relieve the karmic roots of debt, freeing you up to resolve debts of all kinds in the physical world.

I reference Vedic and Hindu concepts and Divine Archetypes in the following clearing outline. No particular interest or connection with this energy is necessary for you to participate. Just a openness to energy, and an openness to being more fully your debt-free self.

During this clearing, we will perform for you:

a clearing of your bad debt karma at an optimum astrological time for this work

a clearing of blocks to lucrative opportunities appearing in your life

We will invoke and do an extended karma clearing with "Runahara Ganapati", a unique form of Ganesha who can relieve all types of debts and can bestow prosperity. "Runa" means debt, and "Hara" means to remove or destroy. This activation and clearing can clear the karma of debts, spiritual or monetary:

we will energetically perform light and sound clearings to Runahara Ganapati at 3 vortexes to help bestow prosperity, health, wealth, and happiness blessings

we will perform a Runahara Ganapati Debt-Removal Fire Ceremony (energetically), to relieve debts, destroy poverty, and help activatae wealth and prosperity

we will perform an energy "coconut breaking for increasing gains" sacred ceremony (also called Prarabdha Muttarukkal). Prarabdha is the part of your past karma that you are destined to experience in your current life. This clearing will remove blocks that stop you from benefitting from the positive aspects of your past karma

We will also perform for you:

a special debt-clearing activation to Shiva, while activating in your consciousness the sacred texts "Laghunyasam Rudra Prasanam" (which means "the great purification)", and the Chamaka Prasnam. These are the classic sacred texts for purification, used as we enter a debt-clearing space

an activation and clearing with the Divine Archetype Narasimha, whose energy detroys debts

an activation and clearing of the 300 sacred mantras of Archetype Rudra. Just performing this part of the clearing alone is said to destroy the most terrible karma of debt

a group realization and activation of the 108 sacred mantras of Shiva, the debt-clearing god

a special activation and clearing for Mars. Mars is the planet responsible for your debt karma. That fact is one reason we're doing this clearing on a Tuesday (Mars' day!)

an activation and clearing at the 10,008 level of the most powerful karma-clearing mantra "Thiru Neela Kantam", whose energy invokes the karma-clearing power of Shiva to detroy karma and relive old repetitive negative patterns of debt-creation

we will spend time in a bi-location clearing and activation experience at a specific thousand-year-old energy vortex called "Runa Vimochana Lingeshwarar". The specific expressed intention of this temple vortex is to clear the debts of every human who is born in this world. Classically, working with this temple is said to give immense relief from debts.

we will also spend time in a bi-location clearing and activation in another thousand-year-old vortex at the Thiyagaraja Swami Temple in Tiruvarur. Classically, the vortexes of this temple are said to give immense relief from illnesses and relief from debts

(Don't underestimate the power of directly working with these energy vortexes, even though we won't be physically traveling there! These spaces anchor tremendous spiritual energy that is available to each of us if we connect to it.)

We will also perform Clearings of the 5 Classic Vedic Forms of Debt Karma:

a clearing of your debts to God and to inanimate nature (Deva Runa) -- imbalances and blocked energy in your relationship to your life purpose (in this and other lifetimes), and karmic blocks in your use of your physical body and the physical world itself

a clearing of your debts to other living things such as plants and animals (Bhuta Runa). There is karma created whenever we use planets or animals for food, or when we impact them for commercial purposes

a clearing of your debts to teachers and gurus (Rishi Runa), especially when we have rejected authentic teaching and healing, or misused our divine gifts

a clearing of your debts due to parents and ancestors (Pitru Runa), both in your relationship to them, and in terms of the unresolved karma they have left you through your lineage

a clearing of debts due to other humans in society (Manushya Runa), people you interact with through occupations and services, business, etc.

The goals of this clearing include:

clearing financial debts

overcoming money-related problems

clearing the debts of your ancestors

bringing you wealth, prosperity, and luck

helping you enjoy happiness and success in all your activities

remove all kinds of debts

destroy poverty

help you gain wealth

bestow abundance and happiness

help overcome worldly bondages