Clearing 47 Generations of Relationship Problems on the Most Powerful New Moon of the Year


Clearing 47 Generations of Relationship Problems on the Most Powerful New Moon of the Year


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Hello friends,

The new moon each month presents us with an optimum time to clear negative ancestral karma.

Our ancestors are closest to the Earth vibration on the new moon day than any other time during the month, and therefore if we consciously connect with them during this time, we can release much of our inherited baggage.

There are 3 new moons during the year when the energy is especially elevated, and it becomes critical during these times to do ancestral karma clearing work, especially if we are dealing with very challenging life situations and problems.

This Friday, August 10 is one of those dates (and the last highly elevated new moon date of 2018).  It is not only a new moon, but it is happening within hours of the final solar eclipse for 2018.  Also, 7 planets are in retrograde.

This is one potent opportunity for doing some deep karma clearing.

The topic of this clearing is focused on clearing relationships.  When you think about it, pretty much all of our blessings and all of our misery can be found in our past and present relationships.

We come into a life with tons of past-life unfinished relationship business, we inherit the limiting karmic potentials of our ancestors, and then we often experience challenges attracting friends, work connections, and romantic partners, and even if we do, we have all kinds of problems in those situations.

We have to start going to the roots of the problem, and working on deep resolution there on one of the most powerful dates of the year to do this work.

If you can't join me for this clearing, please do take this Friday evening to do some prayers asking your ancestors for release and for their blessings.

If you would like me to help facilitate this process for you, then please join me on this clearing.