Clearings & Attunements with the Angels of Loving Relationships (2 Recordings)

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Clearings & Attunements with the Angels of Loving Relationships (2 Recordings)


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Ultimately, all relationships are really relationships to ourselves.  Where are we at in our own state of being?  What are we projecting out into the world?  Ultimately, our relationships are only mirrors of ourselves---and so disharmony that we think is "out there" is really only a projection of our own consciousness into the mirror that is known as the "other".

Everything is ultimately relationship--whether we want to change someone else in our life, attract a soulmate, attract more business, attract a new job, or to increase supply and income... Everything is relationship in the sense that we are always seeing an outpicturing of our beliefs.  Changing our manifestations means changing our relationship to relationship itself.

To clear the pathways to be more truly our authentic selves in harmony with the depths of our Source--that is the goal of the 2 hours of clearings and attunements with the angels of loving relationships presented in these recordings.

Recording #1: Clearing with the Angels of Loving Relationships (64-minutes)
Recording #2: Attunement with the Angels of Loving Relationships (65-minutes)

The angels are often thought of as individual beings who are external to us. However, the angels can also be experienced as portals of our own being that we can attune to, clear, open up, and access the Divine Harmony of the Universe through.

These recordings help us clear away old relationship energy, and activate us into a higher connection to the positive flow of relationship within and around us.