You Choose 1 Relationship You're Currently In, and We Will Do 76+ Relationship Karma Clearings at June's Peak Obstacle-Removing Ganesha Time (originally recorded June 20, 2019)

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You Choose 1 Relationship You're Currently In, and We Will Do 76+ Relationship Karma Clearings at June's Peak Obstacle-Removing Ganesha Time (originally recorded June 20, 2019)


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(Originally recorded June 20, 2019): You Choose 1 Relationship You're Currently In, and We Will Do 76+ Relationship Karma Clearings at June's Peak Obstacle-Removing Ganesha Time

Unresolved relationship karma can impede your ability to heal, to manifest money, to find success, to feel optimistic and motivated, and to attract higher-vibe relationships now and in the future.

It can really make or break your entire life.

All of our relationships are karmic to some extent. This just means that we have a soul history with every person we have ever known. The closer the soul history, the more significant the person may be to us in this life -- for better or for worse.

Everything in life, including every relationship, is ultimately here to make us more conscious, not just to provide us with temporary pleasure.

Relationships themselves are also at the root of most karma creation, since how we experience the actions and words of others, and how we express our own actions and words towards others while in relationship is what is creating our karma.

Most people have had problematic relationships. Many people are in problematic relationships right now. By doing karma clearing work in your present relationships, you can make it easier to clearly see the present moment.

Clearing work itself is not a "quick fix", and will not change a bad relationship into a good relationship, until or unless both parties are open to change. I often say that karma clearing work will make a bad relationship worse, but it will make a good relationship better. What I mean is that clearing karma will clear the inertia of a relationship. It will bring up for clearing the unconsciousness of the relationship. For good relationships, this means the relationship will feel often much betters and like the participants feel much freer of the past so they can expand the love already present. For bad relationships, there may be an acceleration of the process of relationship dissolution.

I recognize just how important relationship clearing is. It's important to be able to energetically let go of the karmic patterns in present relationships. It's also important to clear our present relationships of past-life karma as well as the often continuous build-up of unprocessed subconscious material that gets accumulated when 2 people are not completely resolving the ongoing challenges of relationship (and nobody fully resolves everything in every relationship every time).

I was inspired to offer this particular group clearing where I am going to ask you to choose one present relationship you are in which you would like deep karma clearing. We are scheduling this clearing on the prime Ganesha day of June, where the obstacle-removing power of Ganesha is most active, and we are going to apply that availability to your chosen relationship. This clearing can be done in romantic relationships, but is really open to any form of relationship, including with parents, children, co-workers, and even those who would victimize us.

The other member of the relationship does not necessarily need to know this clearing is taking place. The other person does not need to actually listen to the recording of the clearing I will create. Though of course if they are open to actively participating, the clearing will be even more powerful for them.

We are also scheduling this clearing right on the cusp of the summer solstice (here in the northern hemisphere). In Chinese Medicine, this is the time of the year when the heart's energy becomes most active, and the possibilities of revealing compassion, emotional intelligence, inner wisdom, and spiritual transformation becomes most possible.

Remember that, spiritually-speaking, everything that has happened in the past is still happening in the present unless and until it has been spiritually resolved and the karma neutralized. So all your unresolved relationship karma can be a huge weight and limitation on your energy system still now. Unresolved relationship karma can impede your ability to heal, to manifest money, to find success, to feel optimistic and motivated, and to attract higher-vibe relationships now and in the future. It can really make or break your entire life.

All of us have some amount of relationship clearing work to do, some more than others. Please take this opportunity to choose a relationship for me to work with, so we can clear tons of old karma for you.

In this clearing, I am going to use every Ganesha clearing protocol I am aware of, to help you have a full-spectrum relationship clearing. We are going to run the soul's history of your relationship with this other person through a full Ganesha protocol of obstacle-removal.

In this clearing, at peak Ganesha-clearing time, we are going to work with the particular relationship you choose when you sign up, and:

  • resolve as many full personal past lives both you and this other person have had individually

  • resolve as many full lifetimes as you and the other person have had together

Bad relationships that have this protocol performed will be easier to let go of. Good relationships that experience this clearing will be substantially improved:

  • we will perform a "Sankashta Hara Ganapati" obstacle-smashing clearing, destroying impediments, granting prosperity and successs

  • we will activate and resolve blocks to "Ganesha Pancharatnam" to destroy suffering, bestow happiness, relieve vices, clear negative ego and jealousy, and grant spiritual liberation

  • we will perform a special clearing and activation of "Achu Muri Vinayakar" at an ancient temple of Achirupakkam, granting special obstacle-removing power and helping to attain success

  • we will clear your relationship obstacles through the lens of "Uchchhishta Ganapati", a secretive Ganesha form representing the perfection of the entire cosmos. This clearing will strengthen relationships, and will increase beauty and abundance

  • we are going to perform a special clearing (homa) for the 8 blessing forms of Uchchhista Ganapati, helping to heal issues of intimacy, unity in relationship, children, overcoming internal and external enemies, good health, wealth and abundance, divine knowledge and solutions, and liberation

  • activating the "Desire Fulfillment Ganesha" (Vaancha Kalpalatha Ganapati), combining the obstacle-removing powers of Ganesha with the wish-fulfilling power of Mother Goddess. We will activate and clear your relationship through the following 11 lenses:

  • Ganesha as the instant rewarded of wishes (Ksapira Prasada Ganapati)

  • Ganesha as the embodiment of supreme consciousness (Uchchhista Ganapati)

  • Ganesha as Goddess (Srividya Vallabha Ganapati)

  • Ganesha as the Principle of Fire and Transformation (Agni)

  • Ganesha as the Principle of Your True Nature Showing Up and Shining (Surya)

  • Ganesha as the Supreme Goddess (Lalitha Tripura Sundari)

  • Ganesha as Bala Tripura Sundari (another quality of the Goddess)

  • Ganesha as Kubera, the Banker of Heaven

  • Ganesha as Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth

  • Ganesha as Vishnu, the Preserver and Sustainer

  • Ganesha as Rudra (the Primordial and Fierce Form of Shiva)

  • resolving your relationship karma into alignment with the 1008 unique names/mantras for Ganesha (Ganapati Sahasranama), removing affliction, fulfilling desires, smashing obstacles in career and business, and resolving old marriage karma

activating and resolving relationship karma blocking the expression of the 12 major powers of Ganesha:

  1. Maha Ganapati: the great one, success and protection

  2. Dwija Ganesha: health and prosperity

  3. Heramba Ganapati: protector of wealth

  4. Veera Ganapati: valiant warrior, protecting women from dis-ease

  5. Karpaga Vinayagar: wish-fulfilling Ganesha, blessings with wealth

  6. Twin Ganeshas: removing obstacles, poverty, and dis-ease, blessing relationships

  7. Naramuga Ganesha

  8. Siddhi and Buddhi Ganapati: intuitive intelligence and analytical intelligence

  9. Nritya Ganapati, dancing Ganesha, bringing the Grace of the Divine and ancestors

  10. Vigna Ganapati, removing all obstacles in life

  11. Sevi Saitha Ganapati, protects those who are punished even for good deeds

  12. Alinga Narthana Ganapati, dancing form of Ganesha

we are going to transfer your relationship karma energetically into 1,000,008 clay Ganesha statues, and dissolve them into the ocean. This is a very, very powerful clearing, and does not need to be done physically to be effective!

we are going to energetically break 1,000,008 coconuts on behalf of you and your relationship. This activation will not be done physically, but will be invoked on the spiritual plane. It is equivalent to sacrificing all of our old obstacles, and surrendering them to Ganesha.

we are going to perform a relationship "Gaja Pooja" for you and your specified relationship. This clearing invoked Ganesha as "Lord of new beginnings", as well as the planet Jupiter. In ancient scriptures, it is said to bestow wealth, happiness, and success, and remove obstacles and negative forces

We are then going to clear all available relationship karma blocking the fullest expression for both of you and the relationship from expressing the following affirmative statements. Remember that it is important and safe to clear karma around love and happiness in past or current relationships that have been harmful. Bad relationships will be more easily let go of with this kind of clearing, while good relationships will be strengthened:

  • I am surrounded by love and happiness.

  • I deserve to be loved.

  • I deserve to have people love me for who I am.

  • My heart is open, and accepts love and happiness.

  • I am content in my relationship with _____________.

  • I radiate love each and every day.

  • All of my relationships are strong and healthy.

  • My relationships are built on trust and respect.

  • I see everything through loving eyes.

  • I love myself and it comes back to me tenfold.

  • I always give out love to everybody I meet.

  • Love surrounds me every day.

  • I encounter love in all my relationships.

  • I am so grateful for the love in my life.

  • I deserve love, and I receive it in abundance.

  • There is an abundance of love and joy in my life.

  • I encounter loving experiences on a daily basis.

  • Every day in every way I love myself more and more.

  • I have a loving, healthy respect for myself.

  • I cherish myself.

  • I cherish my relationships.

  • When I look in the mirror I see love.

  • My life is full of love and wonder.

  • My relationship with ____________ is harmonious and loving.

  • Everywhere I go I experience love. Life is joyous.

  • All my relationships brighten up my life.

  • I am safe and secure in all of my relationships.

  • I am able to stand up for myself in all of my relationships.

  • My relationship with ____________ is based on mutual, loving respect.

  • I love and accept myself completely.

  • I accept my inner beauty, and feel it radiate from me.

  • I welcome love into my life.

  • I deserve to be treated with love and respect.

  • I only attract loving, positive people into my life.

  • My wonderful life is a reflection of my loving heart.