"Fix My Job" binaural mantra meditation for attracting work you love

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fix my job cover.jpg

"Fix My Job" binaural mantra meditation for attracting work you love


This is an downloadable audio product, and will be emailed to you as 2 mps tracks zipped into one zip file immediately upon purchase.

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One of the great saint of the Hindu tradition alive today once gave me a mantra for attracting a job you love that also pays the bills.

That mantra is "Om Dattatriya Siva Baba".

When you chant this mantra with intention and devotion, you are connecting with the archetypal energy of the Goddess Lakshmi, whose energy is the embodiment of all wealth, and all that is auspicious

On this recording, I chant this mantra 108 times, while overlaying the sountrack with binaural frequencies.  Binaural frequencies, when listened to in headphones, can deepen and intensify your meditation, allowing the sounds of the mantra to penetrate more fully into your consciousness.

This download contains an 18-minute introduction where I share more insights about the inner meaning of this mantra.

The second track of this product is a 29 minute meditation where I chant this mantra with beautiful background music and binaural frequencies to help you achieve a deeply transformational inner state.

(There is a third track mentioned on the introductory recording, but I am no longer offering that version in this product.)

To listen to a short sample of this meditation, please click here: