Liberating Your Soul to Heal: Clearing the Infinite Self-Punishment Complex

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Liberating Your Soul to Heal: Clearing the Infinite Self-Punishment Complex


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Liberating Your Soul to Heal:
Clearing the Infinite Self-Punishment Complex

What is "healing"?  Ultimately, it's a state of higher consciousness -- an opening to an awareness of greater realization of our Oneness with Spirit.

Healing, however, can -- and often needs to -- express more fully in our human experience: healing of the physical body, healing of our financial situation, healing of our career, healing of our inner state of feeling.

When we resolve enough of our inner karmic programming, and really surrender into allowing healing to express in one of these areas of life, we are on our way to letting a state of health and wholeness appear in all areas of life.

The specific reasons why our bodies, minds, and conditions in our earthly experience are resistant to healing are complex, and the solutions will definitely also involve conscious actions steps.

However, there can be a myriad of subconscious, karmic programs we are running that are limiting our ability to experience true healing, even if we are taking positive, inspired action.

I call these types of deeply limiting programs the "self-punishment" complex.  Most us are running massively high amounts of the karmic programming of self-punishment, self-hatred, self-rejection, self-blame, self-limitation, and even self-destruction.  These types of strongly-held karmic beliefs come up frequently in clearing work, and were created during thousands of lifetimes in which our primary identification was as a victim.

Every time we used blame as a justification for our limitations in this or any previous lifetimes, we created a self-contraction within ourselves, making it that much more difficult to access the freedom, healing, and joy we are looking to experience now.

Originally recorded in June of 2017, in this 1 hour 40 minute clearing, we are going to work with you to research your subconscious minds and soul records, to help resolve all possible components of the self-punishment complex, and clear every possible soul program limiting your readiness, willingness, and availability to good in all life contexts, in the present moment.

Take your foot off the brake pedal of your consciousness!