The Most Ideal Date to Clear "Fear of Success" Curses, Past-Life Karma, and Limiting Beliefs (Date #1 of 2)


The Most Ideal Date to Clear "Fear of Success" Curses, Past-Life Karma, and Limiting Beliefs (Date #1 of 2)


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The 2 Most Ideal Dates & Times in all of 2018 to Clear "Fear of Success" Curses, Past-Life Karma, and Limiting Beliefs (June 2018)

Monday, June 11 @ 7:00pm: Clearing fear of relationship, love, and health success

One of the biggest -- and most frustrating -- blocks that comes up for many is the inability to allow themselves to actually receive what it is they want.

We do not have a lack of *wanting* increased expressions of good in life.  We want lots of things -- new or improved relationships, more money, increased alignment and opportunities in our work life, a greater sense of peace within, and those on a conscious spiritual path know that these experiences can only show up if they are in harmony with them.

And yet, there can be sticky inner issues -- blocks in our own consciousness -- that are hard to clear, and these blocks can prevent us from manifesting the good we seek.

Some people refer to this who category of blocks as the "fear of success".

Fear of success can be created by many past-life karmic patterns, and we will address these in this month's 2 group clearings.

However, there may be also some very common "curses" that we are conscious of holding right now that are holding these patterns in place.  A "curse" is simply a strongly energized belief that severely restricts our power.  Curses can be programmed by others (if we allow it) or by our own fear-based thinking.

Some of the more common curses affecting success that we'll be clearing in this month's 2 group events include:

  • If I succeed, "those people" who hurt me will win. (self-sabotage through blame)
  • If I succeed, I'll be attacked, criticized, and I'll ultimately lose everything. (projection of negative potential outcomes)
  • If I succeed, I'll have to show up fully, and people won't like what they see -- and I won't be able to handle that.
  • If I succeed, I won't know how to manage my success well.
  • Even if I achieve success, it won't last.
  • What's the point?  Why bother?  What good will it do even if I do succeed?
  • If I get healthy, people will leave me.
  • Why do I need more money anyway?  Shouldn't I just be happy with what I already have, rather than wanting more?

This energy has been coming up very strongly in my interactions with people over the past few weeks.  One reason may be that the old energy is rising up in order to be cleared, since this month of June is presenting us with the 2 most auspicious dates in all of 2018 for rooting out this old karmic energy.

These 2 clearings are happening on specific phases of the moon (the 13th), corresponding to a sacred astrological timing known as "pradosham", literally meaning "the removal of sins".   These dates are highly charged for the removal of stubborn karmic energy.  When they also occur on a Monday (and June is the only time this happens in all of 2018), the karma-clearing potential is intensified, since Monday is ruled by the Moon, which represents our mental and emotional patterns.  The star alignments on these dates further adds the depth of clearing blocks to increased wealth.

It is for these reasons that I have chosen these 2 clearings to happen this month.  By committing to this work this month, you will be diving deep into resolving your own karma, and alleviating further blocks to your success.  Join me!