{writing} Do we really trust?

I often find myself challenged in the area of letting go.

Sometimes, a deep fear will motivate me to gear my energy up, and take to my tasks by pushing and force.

Mentally, I know that, in order for me to really tap into the eternal flow of Divine Intelligence, I have to consciously relax and let it in.  No amount of force will ultimately substitute for allowing. But I am often temporarily blind to this truth, thinking that when things are going particularly well, it's because I must be efforting in the exact right way, and so (I think) I should just continue efforting to produce even greater results.

But efforting from a place of force is both greatly tempting and thoroughly counterproductive.

The more I effort from a place of "I really just need to get this done", not first trying to relax, let go, and connect into the stream of Innate Divine Intelligence, I initially make some progress, yes.

But eventually the river runs dry.  Inspiration wanes.  Energy for making progress runs out.  And I am left feeling like I'm a train sitting on the train tracks, only without any fuel.

I wonder "where's my fuel?" And my ego self doesn't want to hear that refueling means letting go, letting God, and stepping back into the stream of Innate Divine Intelligence.  It's looking for me to come up with a brilliant mental idea, a to-do list, or commit to being even harder on myself as I approach my day.

This is the thing I'm working on.  It doesn't matter about a bunch of spiritual theory or about espousing a belief in a Higher Power or a super-charged, new age spiritual philosophy, chock full of angels for every imaginable purpose. I have to remind myself that it's only when I consciously surrender to the flow, here and now, where I am at this moment, that I express my true spirituality.

I can't just think about Spirit, or read some book about Spirit, or talk about Spirit (or get a healing session or a coaching about Spirit).  If I'm not surrendered into the practice of allowing Spirit to work in, through, and as me in this moment, all the spiritual philosophies in the world won't help me.

And the proof's in the pudding.  Positive results will wane if I'm not surrendered.  Life will even seem to be against me.

But it never is.  Life is always for me.  Life is always for you.

No matter where we've been or what we've been up to, we can start right now--in this moment--to consciously enter the Flow, to reconnect with Innate Spirit, and to let the good times roll!

Taking a breath, moving our bodies, stilling ourselves in meditation, being like a flowing stream. Reconnecting with Greatness.  We must practice--here and now.

This is what trust is. Trust in a Divine Power.  Trust in the good of the Universe.  It's consciously surrendering into that good right here and right now.

Will you practice with me right now?

Peace and Blessings,