{writing} Want to know your soul's purpose?

Hi friends,

If you have been feeling anxiety, frustration, or confusion on your spiritual path lately, then this message is for you.

I have been hearing from many people all over the world recently that they are feeling a call to something higher, something greater than what they were doing in the past, becoming more fully aligned with their soul's purpose.

But this path doesn't always seem obvious or clear cut. Most people on the planet are used to living life based on other people's expectations. But the spiritual path calls us to sense and truly trust and live from the still, small voice living within us.

This transition from living life based on others' expectations to moving in harmony with the voice of Spirit within us is challenging to get the hang of. Our life may go into upheaval for a time, and we may question whether we're even going in the right direction.

We may feel the call to leave a relationship, leave a job, or radically improve our health. This call leads us into a transition period where we have one foot in the physical world and one foot in the spiritual world.

We wonder how we're going to manage both realities simultaneously.

But once you have connected to the voice of your own Inner Spirit, there is no going back.


You will never be satisfied merely by external improvements once you have tasted the deep fulfillment that comes by acknowledging and communing with the Sacred Light within you.

If you are struggling with knowing your soul's purpose, please know that ultimately there is only one soul's purpose: and that is to get into a greater and more trusting relationship with your own inner Spirit.

Once you realize your own inner Light and trust it as much as you would trust a chair to hold you up, then you will feel that life becomes more and more blissful, more and more fulfilling, and that you feel right on course with everything you do.

If you are struggling right now, take some time today to meditate, to commune with your own Inner Spirit, and to listen to the guidance the nonphysical world has to you.

You must surrender to the process.

You have to stop "trying" to make things happen, and you must take a deep breath, release, relax, and allow the Divine Answers to come from within you.

Don't worry if you don't feel very good at this at first. Nobody is good at this at first.

The good news is: the more you trust, the easier it will become for you to continue to trust.

The more confirmation you get that trusting your inner light helps you feel peace, joy, and fulfillment, the more you will be inspired to continue to live your life from the inside out.

What you can do right now to implement these insights:

  • Immediately stop trying so hard. Just stop struggling, at least for 5 minutes. Dare to trust that there might be an answer wanting to come up within your consciousness. Let go and let God.
  • Do one act of spiritual practice today. This could be 5 min. of meditation, walking mindfully, or contemplating a sacred text.
  • Spend some time doing something flowing. Mindfully watch your breath going in and out for several minutes. Exercise with flowing movements. Get into a creative practice like painting or making music – and just let yourself go with it.

Trust your Inner Knowing.  The more you practicing trusting, the easier it becomes.

In One Spirit,
---Michael Golzmane